Navilog1 - General Information

This page is not intended as a guide to use our tool. 
We have created this page only to give you some useful information about Navilog1.

Please be sure to read the warnings at the end of the this page.

This tool was created a result of requests to detect and remove infections from certain types of malware, with names as Magic.Control, Navipromo, Egdaccess and Instant Access, that may have infected your computer.

This malware causes the opening of all sorts of unwanted popups.

These popups are primarily pornographic, but also can come in the form of false security warnings that try to trick you into buying so-called rogue programs, like WinantivirusPro antiviruses, Drive Cleaner, NaviSearch, serwab, System Doctor and more...

It can also cause an error in the Flash-plugin of your internet browser.

This malware is installed without your knowledge (using a rootkit method) when you have installed the following software:
- go-astro
- Instant Access
- InternetGameBox
- GoRecord
- HotTVPlayer
- Live-Player
- MailSkinner
- Messenger Skinner
- sudoplanet
- Webmediaplayer

OS supported by Navilog1 :
Windows 2000, XP Vista and Seven (read "Users with Windows Vista/Seven OS")

Available languages : French/English/Spain/German/Italian

Navilog1 also uses :

* catchme (by gmer). For more information, visit :

* process.exe (by Craig.Peacock). For more information, visit :

* gnc.exe : GenericNaviSearch (by IL-MAFIOSO - Credits go to Malware Analysis & Diagnostic)

False positives :
Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs do sometimes detect Navilog1 as being dangerous or bad, and then (try to) block or delete the program or process.
Those detections are false positives. All files from Navilog1 are safe and without viruses, spyware and/or other malware.

If a security program, like your anti-virus or anti-spyware, finds that Navilog1 is considered a security risk, please temporarily disable this security program. Don't forget to enable your protection after you have finished using Navilog1.

Thanks go to Craig.Peacock, Metallica, S!Ri, MAD for theirs helps.
Thanks also go to Bobette Marlow, synthexe and A. Rothstein for their contributions.

Thanks to Eric_71 for his last contribution too.

Users with Windows Vista OS :

* Each time you run Navilog1, please do the following : Right-click on the Navilog1 shortcut and choose "Run as Administrator".

To run the tool, please click on Navilog1.exe
(If you've download the compressed file, you must unzip it first)

After you have chosen the language, the tool guides you through several pages with specific warnings and information. Please read these carefully.

The Navilog1 tool is then presented like the image below:

Choice 1 (Search and automatically cleanning) : It does a complete scan of your system using different methods to find malware. The scan can take several minutes. If unwanted files, folders, registry keys are found, the tool will require a reboot to finish the cleanning.

Please wait for the message «Scan completed on ....».
If requested to do so, press a button and a text document will open, called cleannavi.txt.

Then copy and paste the contents of this report in your next reply on the forum where you've requested help.
(The report is also saved in the root of the directory, "%SystemDrive%\cleannavi.txt". (usually in C:\cleannavi.txt)

Choice 2 : Always carefully follow the instructions of the expert who is assisting you with the malware problems on your computer.

Choice 3 : Clean the registry with all bad keys known for this infection.

Choice 4 :  Uninstall Navilog1. Be advised that this option will remove the backup too.

You can find an explanation "How to clean with Navilog1 with choice 2" on Malekal_Morte’s website. It’s only in French and to be used at your own risk:

Deletion of Navilog1 from your computer :

- Run Navilog1.exe and Select the option 4 on the Main Menu

- Delete the the folder Navilog1 in %systemdrive% 

Important information regarding the use of Navilog1 tool :

¤ Do not use this program unless instructed by an authorized expert helper and follow his instructions.

¤ This tool has been tried on several computers infected with this malware. No problems have been detected after the use of this tool.

¤ Malware can cause damage on your computer.

¤ Cleaning malware, however, can sometimes cause issues in your computer.

¤ The use of this program is always at your own risk. We do not accept any responsibility in case of problems with your computer that may or may not be the result of the use of Navilog1.